Q: How do I log in to MVD?

A:Go to www.MyVitalData.com/Login.aspx. You will be asked to enter your email and PIN # to log into account.

Q: How should I choose my MyVitalData PIN #?

A:Choosing a PIN # is your responsibility. Your PIN # helps you keep your MyVitalData information private and secure.

Here are some important things to remember when you are choosing PIN #:

  • Change your PIN # every few months.
  • Your PIN # should be at least 6 digits long.
  • Do not tell anyone your PIN #.
  • Remember to log out when you leave any personal computer.

Q: Why do I need PIN # instead of password?

A:MyVitalData employs a special coding system to protect its members from hacker software that can search for passwords. This system requires the use of numbers rather than passwords.

Q: Why do I need to have Security Questions?

A:Should you forget your PIN #, the Security Question is used to retrieve it.

Q: Which Security Question should I pick?

A:You should pick a Security Question from the list that is easy to answer and it should not contain or give away your PIN #.

Q: How do I get my PIN # if I forget it?

A:Go to www.MyVitalData.com/Login.aspx. Scroll down to the Forgot Your PIN? You will be asked to enter your email and answer a Security Question. If you successfully answer the Security Question, then you will receive an email with your PIN #.

Q: How can I get the answer to my Security Question if I forget it?

A:Please call Customer Support 1-888-MVD-DATA (683-3282) to assist you with Security Questions.

Q: How do I change my PIN?

A:Log into MyVitalData site.
  • Go to Administration page.
  • Click Change PIN
  • Enter Old PIN #
  • Enter New PIN #
  • Confirm PIN #
  • Click Submit button.
You should get an email that your PIN has been changed.

Q: What happens if I get locked out of my account?

A:Your account will automatically lock up if the wrong PIN # is entered more than three times in succession. You can try again after 15 minutes.

Q: Will I be receiving a confirmation after I purchase an account?

A:Yes. After your order is complete, you will receive an email with your order number and receipt for your purchase. If you do not receive an email after 24 hours, please contact Member Services at 1-888-MVD-DATA (683-3282).

Q: Can I cancel the service?

A:If you chose not to use the service anymore, you do not need to do anything. Your account will automatically become inactive after one year. However, if you want all information removed from your account, you need to all us at 1-888-MVD DATA (683-3282) or send an email to mvd.support@vitaldatatech.com informing us of your intention to cancel and requesting that we remove your information from our system.

Q: How can I get a copy of the Contract Agreement?

A:After registration for your account, you will be asked to accept or print the agreement. If you did not print it out at that time, then we can email or fax it to you.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?

A:The terms and conditions can be found on the EULA and Privacy statements.