Q: The application says my personal information will be “shared with medical personnel" in red font. How do they get that information?

A:Personal information is not available to medical personnel or anyone unless you choose to share it. You do this by clicking on the checkbox of each section in the vital health record as you enter information. Also, you have to alert medical personnel that you are a MyVitalData member in order for them to know to access your records. If you carry your wallet card and display your refrigerator magnet and car decals, then emergency personnel will know to access your information even if you are incapacitated.

Once medical personnel know vital information about you is available, they can access that information through two channels:

  • If the medical personnel are registered with MyVitalData, they can access a member’s record by logging into our system with their special code and then searching for a record by member number (if they have a member’s wallet card) or by using our search functions using personal information (name, address, phone #, etc.)
  • If medical personnel are not registered with MyVitalData, they can still access a member’s record by calling our toll-free emergency record access number. When they call in, they must be authenticated by our call center, then we will access the record and dictate, fax or email information to them.
NOTE:Any record accessed by medical personnel in the above manner will cause an email alert to be sent to you with the date, time and name of facility that accessed the information.

Q: Can medical personnel add, edit or modify my information?

A:No. Medical personnel can only view the information you choose to share with them They have no capability to enter the record and edit/add any information.

Q: What if I do not want to share all of my insurance information, contact information, attachments, etc?

A:If you do not want to share certain parts of your information, then simply DO NOT click the checkbox that asks if you want to share this information. If you have any questions or concerns about this, contact member support via phone (888-683-3282) or email at mvd.support@vitaldatatech.com.

Q: Will I be notified if my medical information is accessed by medical personnel?

A:Yes. An email will be sent immediately to the email address you have listed in your account information. The email states that your account has been accessed, the date your account was accessed, and the location that your account was accessed.

Q: What is a Patient Registration Sheet?

A:You can print a Patient Registration Sheet as a guide for filling out registration forms at any admitting hospitals or physician offices. Some doctors and admitting hospitals accept this sheet in place of your application.

Q: How can I view and print a Patient Registration Sheet?

A:You can print a Patient Registration Sheet after logging into the system. Go to “Print Records” and download the Patient Registration Sheet.

Q: How can I email or fax the Patient Registration Sheet?

A:Assuming that your email and/or fax are properly set up, you can send the reports by downloading the report first from the Print Records page. You can “print to file” and select a location on your computer to save the file. Remember the location where you saved the file. Now you can email the file as an attachment or send it as a fax from your print commands. Please refer to contract agreement in regards to your privacy and security of information.