Q: How can I be prepared if a child or aging parent becomes missing?

A:Use your MyVitalData account to store essential information that authorities would need as they attempt to locate your missing loved ones. After you have logged into your account, locate the “Preparedness” section on the left index and click on it. Once you are in this section, choose:
  • Fill in a new form or
  • Populate from an existing profile (if you have already created a medical profile for this family member)
Enter in as much identifying information as you can for each section. Then upload a recent photograph of the family member (authorities suggest a head and shoulders shot in color). Once you have entered the information into your MyVitalData account, then, should the need arise, you can print the information as a report and give it to authorities. Also, if you have the computer capability, you can save the report as a file and then you could send it as an attachment to an email or fax it from your computer.